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Our Story
We are a Publisher that specializes in Partnership Publishing. We can help you write, edit, design, and distribute your Comic or Graphic Novel. We publish our titles in paperback, hardcover, and the popular eBook format. 

Partnership Publishing

Partnership Publishing is the hybrid between Traditional and Self Publishing. Whereas in, Traditional Publishing you would sell the rights to the publisher and in turn, they would sell the product and it's rights off as it sees fit to turn a profit and pay you royalties.Self-Publishing that gives you all the freedom and independence you might want from creative control, pricing, marketing, etc meaning everything falls on you.

Partnership Publishing gives you the support you need and want. We believe that Creators should control their work; we work with creators being in on every step of the process from every printed and pixilated page to the T-shirts, Drinkware, Keychains, and all the other merchandising opportunities out there.

Your Work - Your Decision - Our Job
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